Thursday, February 17, 2011

IDE for WLST Scripting - OEPE

In the past many folks asked me about a GUI based tooling support for WLST. Some people managed to use some Jython tools for WLST but it is not straight forward and supported by Oralce. What you need to author WLST scripts more efficiently is a tooling support to develop WLST Scripts. If you are involved in writing a lot of WLST scripts then you will appreciate this initiative.

Oracle just came up with a OEPE (Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse) based tooling for WLST. Some of the features of this tool are:

* WLST/Jython/Python Source Editor
* Syntax highlighting, validation
* Code completion
* WLST Templates
* MBean Navigator for browsing MBeans
* WLST Execution and Console in Eclipse
* WLST integrated Help
* Support for both online and offline modes

Currently anyone who is authoring WLST scripts must refer to the docs for syntax and samples. This will be a good tool for developers so that they can build WLST Scripts within a comfortable environment - Eclipse/OEPE. Also administrators can benefit from the this tool as there are features like templates, code completion etc. The latest release of OEPE 11gR1 ( comes with this tooling. To find more about the new features of this release see here.

5-Part WLST Best Practices Series

A while ago I wrote a 5-part WLST Best Practices series . Here I am consolidating this post with link to all those 5 posts.