Friday, August 15, 2008

Free Workshop Eclipse Plug-in

In addition to the standard IDE - JDeveloper, Oracle is also providing Eclipse tools (plug-ins) for WebLogic Server 10gR3. Oracle made it really simple for developers by making them as a single install. Also the Workshop Eclipse Plug-ins are now free - Yes! Oracle removed the licensing on them with the new WebLogic Server 10gR3.

Go here to download Workshop for WebLogic 10gR3 -
Workshop is now a one-stop-shop for building Java EE components and Web Service components for not just WebLogic Server but for a variety of different application servers. Yes, Workshop for WebLogic will be freely available on all supported platforms, including websphere, weblogic, tomcat, jboss, jetty and resin. But Adobe Flex Builder bundle has been removed from the Workshop for WebLogic bundle.

Now Workshop can be used for building Struts, Spring, Tiles, Hibernate, JPA and many more Java components to run on a variety of different web containers. Try now!

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